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Household water.
Drinking water.


Household water.

Drinking water.




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Michael Siemann 07-03-18 08:43:50

Hallo Leute, ein kleiner Tipp von mir.Wenn Ihr hier in Thailand einen Profi sucht der für euch die Qualität eures Wassers in Ordnung bringen soll ?Und das in z.b. Europa Qualität ?Und super Professionell ohne das man Dir mehr verkauft als du wirklich brauchst ?Dann habt Ihr nur eine Wahl, ruft den Ruben Van Beek anDa seid Ihr Goldrichtig.Mich hat er mit seiner Arbeit der Beratung und auch mit dem Preis, sehr Glücklich gemacht.Ich kann jetzt mit meinem Duschwasser Zähne putzen, und habe noch in der Küche zum Kochen und für meinen Kühlschrank zum Eiswürfel zubereiten mein Trinkwasser.Auch der Service ist Perfekt.Wenn du ein Problem hast, rufst du an und er kommt so schnell wie es möglich ist.Danach:Kein Problem mehr.TOP TOP TOP


Loui 10-01-18 06:54:04

Very happy with the services provided, always happy to help or answer any questions I have.I will be using again on my new build and
would recommend H2O to anyone wanting a water system.


Paul 07-01-18 06:36:20

I had a bore hole water purification system already installed which was unsatisfactory.
Ruben examined the system, explained to me the problems and installed the changes which he considered necessary
The system has worked perfectly for the subsequent 18 months and the quality of the water is excellent
Ruben gives an excellent after installation service, he always responds quickly to queries and I am very happy with his service


James 24-12-17 14:58:35

Great service from Ruben and excellent quality product. Would not hesitate to recommend and use again.


Fred 23-12-17 10:20:47

Already 3 years ago Ruben installed my water system in my house in Tasao, Huay Rat. Very satisfying, good job and it is still up and running without too many problems.


Torfinn Svendsen 21-12-17 15:47:59

Just say thank you to Ruben for good job and installation of this water cleaning system.
Recommend H2o water system to everyone who need better water quality.


Eric Thomasz 21-12-17 14:38:33

Good job for a good price. Quick respond. Ruben make a new well and supplied al material.


Somsak 21-12-17 11:40:59

Ruben installed me a water pump to the pool. He did a good job. I recommend his business. Pleasant negotiation and good work at a good price. Thank you Ruben. Somsak


Charles Castleman 21-12-17 09:28:39

Ruben installed a complete water purification system for my home near Satuk. The work he and his crew performed was nothing short of excellent. The equipment was placed well, easy to maintain, and has worked very well since. His follow maintenance could not possibly be better. I am very satisfied with the entire system and especially Ruben himself.


Richard Gayton 21-12-17 03:43:35

Ruben drove 2 hours the same day we called to unplug our drains and unstick a pool pump. Another day he re routed our badly designed water pipes diagnosed a leaking house pump and reinstalled another pump we had laying about. He knows how to get clean water in Isaan and will put in a system that actually works. He is honest hardworking friendly reasonably priced and speaks English , Thai a d Dutch. He is the best plumber and water purificarion person I have used in Thailand or America.


Peter Barwell 21-12-17 02:04:20

Ruben supplied and installed all my swimming pool equipment 2 years ago. Great job and I still use him for all my plummbing works


Andy Johnston 20-12-17 15:47:36

Absolutely fantastic service from Ruben and his team. They went way over what was expected and I'll just leave a few details here. First, they considered the land not level enough so we brought in a tractor and sorted that out. Time taken here but no grumbles. Getting set up and everyone taught on how to keep it right, using the pump, cleaning, servicing etc. meant that they were there nigh on the whole day but by late afternoon, there were kids splashing about and smiles all over. Getting a fitted cover needed some arm twisting (Ruben with the supplier, not me with Ruben) as none were available but Ruben came through and one turned up in the post the next day. A few days later, we've had a party, the kids are in half the day and all is well. The price ? well we did a deal. It was a fair bit more than I'd set out to spend but we got a bigger pool (4.6m), a 5m x 5m groundsheet, a far better sand wash pump we can use going forward, a cover, 3m x 2m of artificial grass, an inwater / out of water ladder, installation and training and some additional cost for expedited postal services for the heavy items (we were offered a cheaper service at a longer delivery time). We also have someone to call on the other end of a phone who can speak English which is a huge bonus. I can't recommend highly enough. For someone trying to get this done from 6000 miles away it was a fantastic result only possible through Ruben and his team. Thanks a lot.




Ruben, H2O water systems 20-12-17 09:10:37

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Ruben, H2O water systems 20-12-17 09:09:34

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